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The GRABBY® is much more than a nifty grocery bag handle. The semi-flexible hooks on each side are engineered for quick attach and quick release of flimsy things like grocery bags, but they are also strong enough to secure a variety of ropes, chains, wires, carabiners, eye hooks, etc. In other words, where there's a need for a lightweight, dependable handle, there's a need for The GRABBY®. It has obvious consumer applications, but there are also many uses in agriculture and other industries.

The ergonomic handle weighs only one ounce, but it is made of a durable micro-polymer fully strengthened by a patented process called high pressure nitrogen gas assist (HPNGA). That might sound a bit technical for most of us, but it simply means that the product is virtually indestructible, lightweight enough for the pocket/purse, and it won't hurt your hands even under the heaviest loads.

Using The GRABBY® feels like having two extra freakishly strong fingers attached to your fist and ready for work. And by work we mean comfortably carrying loads up to 100lbs, and more, without complaining, or even flinching. And your own fingers will not be complaining, or flinching either. They also won't be stinging, burning, cramping, stretching, bruising, cracking, tearing, bleeding, stiffening, throbbing, or aching.

Unlike the thousands of cheapo plastic products that ultimately end up the bargain bins, The GRABBY® is here for the long haul. For over a decade, The GRABBY® has been recognized as an engineering marvel with world class design features, and it continues to serve as the centerpiece for GRABBY STRONG Brand's open platform for design and innovation.

Dozens of useful tools, games, and other products have already been developed to incorporate the handle into their functionality. Inventors and other problem solvers are encouraged to lean heavily on the proven strength, reliability, and other features of The GRABBY® as they work on their new designs and submit them for "GRABBY STRONG" approval.